Interactive Video

Interactive Video Editor for education and e-Learning

Use our Interactive Video Editor and reduce the dropout rate of your students effectively.

It is a powerful and easy-to-use application, where you can self-edit your classes and lessons to share them wherever you want: you can integrate them in Moodle, Canvas…

Moreover, users will experience the same interactive and full-featured content on computers, mobile phones and tablets alike.

With our Interactive Video application it is easy to create and publish interactive videos so that users can interact with the content during its reproduction to achieve new experiences that increase interest and participation.

The FK Interactive Video Editor is designed to satisfy the needs of schools, teachers, academies, training centres and others. For those who want to offer their students high quality training in an easy and simple way, without high computer skills.

Interactive video consumers are able to interact with the content during playing. In this way, we put an end to the passivity of students in the presence of boring and monotonous content with a high drop-out rate.

Interactive content will significantly increase the attention of viewers in contrast to a classroom lesson or a conventional video.

Effectively establish concepts in your learner group thanks to the various tools we provide you with, ranging from multiple choice questions to graded blanks.

Measure and analyse the evolution of your students, their interaction with your content and their responses or actions.

Content you can embed