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Do you need an interactive solution and don't know which one best adapts to your needs?

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Activities for enterprises

Dynamisation of events with the creation of customisable TV competitions and the participation of the public live and online. We also develop your app so that the contest can be followed in parallel in streaming and get more interaction.

Full-stack development

If what you need is to create a working system based on web technology, we can help you guarantee the success of your project. We have a team of experts able to digitise the business process, completing the entire development cycle.

Gamification and serious games

Gamification, or the application of game mechanics to improve motivation, concentration and attention, is much more than a trend these days. Serious games are used in many areas of learning and training to improve knowledge retention.

Interactive Video

A new way of learning and training that increases students’ attention, their rate of interaction, allowing them to define the direction of the content and its result by answering questions, polls; learning as those options are presented during the video. 

Mobile application development and design

Customised for each client. Designed to meet clear objectives and obtain a more pleasant and effective user navigation and interaction.  In addition, they can complement the different services we offer.

Technological development in health

Creation of technological and innovative solutions that generate benefits and improvements applied to medicine, as opposed to the traditional techniques used by research entities, companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological or health sector.

Cloud Computing for enterprises

We take care of the migration and native development of your business in the cloud, transferring you to Cloud Computing. We offer you the best personalised service for your company, paying only for the resources you need.

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Used separately or in a mixed use, we can bring certain benefits to our company, such as brand presence, customer impact and improved customer experience, etc.

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Interactive projects

Whizz: The Massive Quiz

The first MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) video game of questions and answers in real time, with a high social component and a quiz show dynamic. 
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Augmented Reality at a national event

Augmented Reality experience developed with Microsoft HoloLens for the University of Castilla-La Mancha during the promotional event 'El País con tu Futuro'.
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5G technology use case

First 5G pilot project to be implemented in Castilla-La Mancha, launched through RED.ES: augmented reality use case for real-time support of mobile emergency units. 
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Virtual Physio - remote rehabilitation

Telemedicine support system for remote monitoring of stroke patients.
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