Activities for companies

We create activities for companies to dynamise your in-person or virtual event with


Dynamization of events

If you want to increase the visibility of your company or brand, leave a mark in the memory of the attendees, improve your notoriety and create a community of users/professionals, our service of TV contests for companies and event promotion is what you need.

TV contest for companies and companies and brands

At FK Interactive we create your customised and personalised TV game show to dynamise your next event. Choose the TV game show format you like the most and we will recreate it: ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’, ‘Pasapalabra’, ‘Boom!’, ‘Know and win’… The options are multiple and can be combined!

The public participates live, animated by a presenter who acts as master of ceremonies.

Indoor/Outdoor Events

We adapt to the space where you want to set up the contest, either Indoor or Outdoor.

Our design and production team will work from the beginning following patterns set by the client and their visual identity so that the image of the event is in line with the brand and what is expected of it. 聽

Realisation and production of on-site, hybrid or virtual events

On-site events / face-to-face

With the return to normality, we are back to face-to-face events where the public plays a leading role. With our ‘TV Shows Games’ the public participates in teams or individually on a stage where there are different ‘podiums’ with their respective screens and buttons to answer the different questions and games that are posed during the event. A whole display of lights, sound and fun to impress your audience.

Hybrid Events

The face-to-face option could be improved by increasing the scope of participation with the use of a mobile application. In this way, if those attending the event are left out of the teams playing on the podiums, they can continue to participate at the same time, following the instructions of the presenter and answering through the Mobile App or with the use of Clickers or remote controls.

It is also possible to offer the event in streaming and participate with the live event application from any location without the need to be present in person.

Online Events - Online Contests

The pandemic has encouraged the production of online events, however, our company has been producing them for years.

That’s why we offer you the guarantee of creating an online event using the most advanced technology. Your participants will be able to enjoy an Online Contest with a real presenter who will invite them to play through a mobile application designed exclusively for the occasion.

Team building competitions have different objectives:

Objectives of the dynamisation of corporate events as a marketing strategy: