Gamification and Serious Games


Effectively capturing the attention of a consumer or employee is a must in any loyalty system to improve brand recognition.

Our clients are clear that gamification or the application of game mechanics to boost motivation, concentration and attention is much more than a trend nowadays.

We help you to achieve your objectives in an effective, fast and scalable way.

Tell us what concerns you, what your objective is: promotion of a product, training or specific training, customer loyalty, surprise at an event…

We have what you need.

Serious Games

Teaching our brains to learn in a different way can lead to much more efficient results.

Serious games are used in many areas of learning and training to improve knowledge retention. Combined with mobile devices, the business opportunities are growing exponentially.

Through serious games our clients are able to motivate users and create engagement in a notable way.

At Furious Koalas we develop serious games customised for each client, conceived and designed with the aim of instructing, teaching and informing through entertainment.

Use cases

The new times and the new ways of consuming information of those known as digital natives, demand the modification of training activities towards new and more effective ways such as the use of clickers (wireless real time response device) and gamification.  In this way we manage to focus students’ attention, increase their sense of enjoyment and learning compared to an lecture class. An example is the response to a question that a teacher launches in a class.

Here we find Exergames (video games for exercise). Through the use of interactive animation, immersive experiences are created to stimulate the mobility of the body. In this way we try to gamify the performance of a physical exercise that can be repetitive and boring, turning it into a motivating, enjoyable and personalised alternative.

We develop customised contests in different formats for companies. These are games based on questions and answers, with the participation of the public in real time. We adapt to the space where you want to set up the contest, either indoors or outdoors. In addition, we customise your app so that your contest can be followed in parallel in streaming and achieve greater reach and interaction.


Gamified learning in the UCLM classrooms

Devices that allow students to send answers to questions posted by the teacher using a wireless device or a mobile application.



Through a Virtual Reality system, we use guided physical activity interventions in the classroom to prevent obesity and improve the academic performance of children in kindergarten. 

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Dynamization of events

Promotion of the UCLM at IFEMA

A quiz moderated by a presenter in which different teams play a game answering different questions while participants take part using the event’s app at the same time.