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Clickers, the voice of the public in television programmes

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The use of clickers or ‘remote controls’ has become popular in television programmes where the votes of the audience on set and their reactions play an important role.

It is a wireless response system that allows immediate feedback from the audience and guests on set to different questions or challenges posed live without the need to use mobile devices connected to the internet.

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The use of Clickers can be an effective and more recommended solution than the use of mobile applications when one of the key points of the television project is to maintain confidentiality by avoiding the use of mobile devices with which guarded information could be filtered. This is one of the main reasons why many production companies and television channels see in these wireless systems an opportunity to continue interacting with the public that represents their audience without putting the content of the programme at risk.

Advantages of using clickers with TV programme audiences

  • Thousands of users can respond with clickers simultaneously, as each emits a unique and identifiable signal.
  • Their use can be in the hands of a single person or group.
  • The use of these ‘remote controls’ is simple and practical, uncomplicated, with a few simple buttons to answer closed questions in the time set by the organisation.
  • The use of this technology makes the audience feel more involved in the programme, creating a unique experience, with high participatory value and increasing the interaction of the attendees who feel part of the programme.
  • It is a motivating and transparent initiative that takes into account the opinions of the audience who are experiencing it live. 

Radio frequency technology for mass voting

At Furious Koalas we use radio frequency technology for the use of our clickers. Radio frequency allows us to offer a wide range of use and does not require line of sight as is the case with infrared models, which have various limitations of use. 

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Thanks to the use of radio frequency technology, users’ answers to the proposed questions are transmitted and recorded. To work properly, a small, portable receiving station must be placed in the physical location where the remote controls are used to collect and record the answers and analyse the results.

FK Interactive has been using clickers for years to cover the needs of mass voting for different types of events. Our experience led us to choose Echo360’s technology. Their devices are small response cards (clickers) that use radio frequency (RF) to connect wirelessly to the receiving unit that receives all the responses and collects and saves them. They have a convenient and practical format reminiscent of credit cards.

  • The keypad is compatible with numerous types of questions, including numerical answer, true/false answer… which gives them great possibilities of use.

Possible uses of the Clickers

In addition to the use of clickers for channels and production companies that want to use this voting system among the audience of their different programmes, Furious Koalas offers its own service of Contests with Television Format for private events, shows, family days, teambuilding activities, etc. This service offers the possibility of public participation through clickers or mobile applications designed for the event. If you are interested in this service, click here to find out more. 

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The use of clickers also makes sense for the organisation of congresses, meetings or mass meetings of shareholders, communities…

In all these events the resolution of the votes of the attendees needs to be clean, transparent and fast. The use of clickers guarantees all of these so that the public can respond to surveys or questions launched by a speaker or during a screening where the answers are stored in real time and with no margin for error. 

Mobile applications as an alternative to clickers

An alternative to clickers to facilitate audience participation, which could also be used in streaming by any viewer from anywhere, is the use of a mobile App. If the use of smartphones on set is not a problem, this would be a possible option that also offers other possibilities of use for the programme with great power of personalisation and design.

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Contact us and we will study which option best adapts to your needs. Contact us here, or schedule a video call and we will inform you without obligation. 

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