Technological development in health

Technological solutions applied to medicine

Technological development in health with the creation of innovative technological solutions that generate benefits and improvements applied to medicine, as opposed to the traditional techniques used by research entities, companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological or health sector.

Personalised technological solutions for each client. Designed to meet clear objectives and make navigation and user interaction more pleasant and efficient. They can be complementary to the different services we offer.

Among which we highlight:

Development of telemedicine solutions for the remote monitoring of patients in rehabilitation from anywhere, with an internet connection, thanks to a virtual reality system based on games.
Creation of healthy ageing programmes, as well as programmes to prevent obesity and improve academic performance in children through guided physical activity interventions in the classroom.
Our technological experience in the health sector also includes the integral creation of customised software for the management of clinics. A customised programme for each health centre to centralise and organise the functions of the complete staff from a single place, with an intuitive, practical and simple use that allows them to carry out their daily work efficiently.

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Virtual Physio

Remote rehabilitation

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Guided physical activity interventions in the classroom

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My Client Genius (MCG)

An information system developed to digitise different health services.

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