Movi Hiit



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The objective of MOVI-HIIT is to develop a study on the impact of the incorporation of physical activity on cognitive abilities, adiposity and physical fitness in children in kindergarten. 

In addition to this physical activity, a web platform is required to provide quick and easy access for teachers to be able to carry out the so-called active breaks in the classroom. These active breaks are planned to be carried out inside the classroom with little or no equipment. 

FK Solution:

To develop software related to the programme for the prevention of obesity and improvement of academic performance in children in infant education: MOVI-HIIT.

The proposed solution consists of an interactive 3D environment in which, with the help of virtual avatars, the physical activity proposed for active rest will be guided. The solution also makes it possible to monitor the progress of each of the schools belonging to the intervention group of the MOVI-HIIT programme, as well as the reproduction of the active breaks.