Wedding Interactive Quiz Game

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Wedding games

In the fascinating world of weddings, hosts yearn to create unforgettable memories. From Furious Koalas, experts in unique technology experiences, we present ‘Wedding Contest’. A captivating contest that challenges guests with witty questions about the newlyweds and their guests, guided by a master of ceremonies. The perfect solution to build laughter and complicity on your special day.

Activities for weddings

In this way, Furious Koalas offers an exclusive, fun, unique and personalised service for each wedding couple. A quiz game lasting 30-45 minutes in which the guests will have to answer different trivia and hangman questions, with a display of lights, props, sound, video, cameras and fun typical of the most impressive TV quiz shows. Which guest knows the bride and groom best? Which team will win? There will be prizes for the best ones!

servicios exclusivos para bodas; concursos y juegos para bodas; servicios de lujo para bodas

Game rules for weddings: Wedding Contest

The Furious Koalas Wedding Contest consists of two rounds:

  1. In the first round our cheerful presenter will guide the contest explaining the game mechanics to the guests. All of them will receive a personalised QR code just before the contest, which they will have to scan on their mobile phones to access the URL of the wedding game created by Furious Koalas. From this URL all the guests will be able to take part in the competition by answering the questions that the facilitator will ask live and in situ. The guests and the bride and groom will be able to see on a large screen, or projector, all the questions and a ranking where the names of the attendees and their respective scores will appear, ordered by sum of points.

servicios exclusivos para bodas; concursos y juegos para bodas; servicios de lujo para bodas; actividades interactivas para bodas exclusivas

2. The nine participants who have answered most quickly and correctly via their mobile phones will accumulate the most points and this will give them a pass to continue playing in teams of three. They will do this on digital stands with push buttons in front of the entire audience in a second round or stage of the wedding game. The rest of the guests will continue to participate and respond via their mobile phones.

The Furious Koalas Wedding Contest is designed for couples looking for an exclusive and high quality wedding experience.

What is included in the Wedding Contest premium pack?

The Furious Koalas Wedding Contest premium pack includes a live dynamizer and stands with push buttons and LED lights, so your guests will feel like they are the protagonists of a TV contest and enjoy a unique experience. This way your guests will feel like the protagonists of a TV contest enjoying a unique experience. Do you want to offer something different and exclusive at your wedding? This service is for you:

  • Each of the questions launched by the presenter must be answered by the three competing teams only after pressing the button on the stand and after the presenter gives the floor to the team that has been quickest to press the button. The other guests will respond at the same time on their mobile phones, so they will still be competing to be among the first in the ranking of the audience! The game allows for bounces in case the team fails to answer.
  • During the course of the game, the evolution of the guests’ ranking will be shown on the screen and those who have the best score at the end of the game can be awarded prizes (at the personal choice of each couple).
  • The teams that are on the stand have three jokers and two of them are directly related to the participation of the rest of the guests:
  • We have the ‘Audience Wildcard’ which shows the most voted answers from the audience as a percentage.
  • The ‘Guru’s wildcard’, which will offer the team that uses it the possibility of asking one of the guests directly. This guest will choose the answer they believe to be correct on behalf of the team that has designated them as ‘guru’.servicios exclusivos para bodas; concursos y juegos para bodas; servicios de lujo para bodas, juegos para invitados
  • The third wildcard is 50%, so they eliminate two of the four possible answers in multiple-choice questions.

Types of questions in the Furious Koalas Wedding Game

Guests may encounter various types of questions during the Wedding Contest:


-Hanging questions: After asking the question about the bride and groom, an invisible word will appear on the screen with as many spaces as there are letters. As time passes, the system fills in the gaps. If a team asks for a turn, the system stops revealing letters. If the team fails, the system continues to give clues as time passes. The rest of the guests complete the word from their mobile phones.

-Answer one question from four options: It is a multiple choice question with four answer options (a,b,c,d).

  • Questions with multimedia. Both hangman and one-in-four questions can have images, videos or sound associated with them. It is recommended that as far as possible this be the case, so that questions are asked about a photo, video fragment, or fragment of music, song, voice-over, etc. (Our creative team will use the resources offered by the bride and groom to develop questions that facilitate the creation of magical and fun moments in the game).

During the game of your wedding, the presenter will ask on different occasions to see the ranking status of the public, strengthening the involvement of the same with a healthy competition, creating fun moments and an opportunity to know curious and fun facts about the bride and groom and their closest environment. All this will make the Furious Koalas wedding contest an unforgettable day for everyone.

A personalised set for every wedding

45 questions are personalised for each couple, and if they wish, the questions could involve the guests so that they can get to know each other better. We usually recommend our bride and groom to tell us remarkable anecdotes about their closest guests in order to formulate questions about them and remember important moments in the life of our bride and groom camouflaged in ‘TV quiz show’ questions during the contest.

The decor, the buttons, the LED lights and our smoke machine will create an atmosphere worthy of the most impressive TV quiz shows. In addition, both the guests who are participating with their mobile phones and the contestants who are on the lecterns and the presenter will be able to see themselves on a big screen every time the cameras click on their images. Could anything else be missing? Yes, you! Get in touch now and don’t miss out.

Other options for wedding games

If you are looking for a simpler quiz game in which all participants play at the same level from their mobile phones, without lecterns, ask us.

You may be interested in our ‘basic wedding contest’ pack.

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