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Beyond Visualization

Interactive Solutions for Gamification, Serious Games, Simulators, and Computer Vision

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Furious Koalas Ltd.

We provide high-quality services for application on the areas of Gamification, Serious Games, Simulation, and Computer Vision.

With more than 15 years of expertise in R&D projects in the bossom of the research groups Oreto and Artificial Intelligence and Representation, Furious Koalas offer professional services within the context of the design, development, and deployment of interactive solutions.

Carlos González: Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Carlos González

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

David Vallejo: President

David Vallejo


Eduardo Monroy: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Eduardo Monroy

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Santiago Sánchez: Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Santiago Sánchez

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Some of our partners

Gas Natural Fenosa
Universidad de Castilla-La Mancaha (UCLM)
Hospital General Universitario de Ciudad Real
Telefónica - Talentum
Centro in-Genio

Our vision


Effectively drawing the consumer's or employee's attention is essential in any loyalty-based system to improve branding recognition. Our clients absolutely know that gamification or the application of game dynamics to promote motivation, concentration and attention is more than a trend nowadays.

Serious Games

If we teach our brain how to learn differently, then we can obtain more efficient results. Serious games are used in a wide variety of learning and training domains to improve knowledge retention. Combined with mobile devices, business opportunies grow exponentially.

Virtual Reality

Users' full immersion in virtual worlds is a technique which is extensively used to strenghten interactive marketing experiences, training in simulators, videogames, and many more application fields. Now it is possible for your clients to live new experiences. We can help you.

Interactive Simulation

Simulators allow to generate contexts or situations in a virtual way without interacting with the real world at low cost. In many professional fields, an employee must acquire a set of skills before making use of machines or complex devices. The goal consists in minimizing the likelihood of accident or their inappropriate use.

Augmented reality

Superimposing virtual information on the real world is a non-intrusive technique that allows to augment the users' experience in multiple situations. Tourism, spectacles, sports programs, navigation systems, videogames, assistance systems... Augmented Reality is being extensively used in a wide variety of contexts.

Mobile Apps

We live in a world where the 90% of media interactions are made through screens, where we spend more than 4 hours of our daily free time on average using them, and where the number of mobile phones is greater than the number of inhabitants in some countries. The conclusion can be easily drawn: go mobile or go home.

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