Agile custom software development for research groups

We design and develop rapid prototyping for research groups.

Agile software prototyping for research projects

At Furious Koalas we offer custom software development services, using an agile methodology that allows rapid prototyping of solutions for research projects.

Why choose us?

As a spin off of the University of Castilla La Mancha in Spain, we understand all the processes that research groups have to carry out when applying for projects, validating ideas, an algorithm, a model, etc. That is why our multidisciplinary team can be your best ally: some of our founding partners are university professors, which gives them first-hand knowledge of all the needs that research groups may have. In addition, we have top-level full stack developers, staff specialised in agile development and we have our own team of graphic designers and digital marketing experts.

What is agile software prototyping?

Agile software development is a methodology that enables companies to release high quality products with greater efficiency.

Rather than following a traditional waterfall development approach, agile development focuses on constant iteration and continuous feedback to ensure that the final product is exactly what the customer needs.

For research groups in need of an agile software prototyping service, this can be especially beneficial. By working with a highly skilled and experienced agile development team such as the Furious Koalas team, research groups can be confident that their project will be delivered on time and with exceptional quality.

With agile software development, testing is performed throughout the development process, allowing Furious Koalas teams to identify and fix any potential issues before the final product is released. Customers can be confident that they are receiving a high quality product that meets their exact requirements.

Why choose us?

Success stories

Active breaks in the classroom

Development of an interactive 3D environment to guide the physical activity proposed for active rest with the aim of carrying out a study on the impact of the incorporation of physical activity on cognitive abilities in children in infant education.

Automatic number plate recognition

A new way of modelling the traffic network and estimating dynamic flows to make the most of the possibilities offered by number plate scanning.

UPM interactive promotional video

Use of interactive video as a promotional tool. The person viewing the video has the possibility of interacting so that different viewing paths are shown depending, for example, on the answer given to a question that is projected on the video itself.


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