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The purpose of this project is to provide More Life customers, and new users, with a digital application designed to help them quit smoking. This app should be available anywhere and offer a professional medical follow-up. Designed by medical specialists under scientific evidence with a useful and effective system for patients whose purpose is to quit smoking.

FK Solution:

Furious Koalas develops and implements the ‘My SmokeFree Life Walsall’ app, adopting a cross-platform approach that allows the app to be generated for both Android and iOS. It is a digital programme that provides its users with weekly sessions so that the information is easy to follow and accompanies them through the whole process: from how to prepare to successfully quit smoking to how to maintain their non-smoking status. My Smoke Free Life Walsall offers a personalised programme tailored to each individual stage as a smoker. The application is connected to the company’s global management system, making it easy to manage clients, view their progress and automatically generate customised metrics and reports.
If the user will generate stress or anxiety they will get advice on how to deal with it and a personalised dashboard so they can track their progress and follow up:
– How much money they have saved.
– The number of days you have been smoke-free.
With each new milestone you achieve, you’ll get badges to reward your hard work, with downloadable certificates so you can share your progress with friends and family.
Smoking damages your lungs and airways and damages your immune system, reducing your ability to fight infections. Smoking is also very harmful to the cardiovascular system (the heart and blood vessels that carry blood throughout the body), which has many negative health impacts, including an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Start your journey to a healthier life today by downloading My SmokeFree Life.