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At a wedding, one of the main objectives of the couple is for their guests to have fun and make this day unforgettable for everyone. And what better way to do this than with an exclusive wedding contest that tests how well the guests know the bride and groom.

In this sense, Furious Koalas offers an exclusive, fun, unique and personalized service for each wedding couple. A quiz game of about 30-45 minutes in which the guests will have to answer different trivia and hangman questions, with a display of lights, props, sound, video, cameras and fun typical of the most impressive TV quizzes. Which guest knows the bride and groom best? Which team will win? There will be prizes for the best ones!

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The wedding contest that will make your wedding a day to remember

Are you looking for a unique, original and exclusive way to make your wedding day unforgettable? You’re sure to love our service.

The Furious Koalas wedding contest consists of two rounds:

  • In the first round our cheerful presenter will guide the contest explaining to the guests the mechanics of the game. All of them will receive a personalized QR code just before the contest that they will have to scan on their cell phones to access the url of the wedding contest. From this URL all the guests will be able to compete by answering the questions that the facilitator will ask live and in situ. The guests and the bride and groom will be able to see on a large screen, or projector, a ranking where the names of all attendees and their respective scores will appear, ordered by sum of points.

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  • The nine participants who have answered most quickly and correctly through their cell phones will accumulate the most points and this will give them a pass to continue playing in teams of three. They will do so on digital lecterns with push buttons in front of all the attendees in a second round or stage of the Wedding Contest. The rest of the guests will continue to participate and respond via their cell phones.

An exclusive wedding service for the most demanding clients

El tercer comodín es de tipo 50%, de modo que eliminan dos de las cuatro posibles respuestas en preguntas tipo test.

The wedding contest is designed for couples looking for an exclusive and high quality wedding experience. The Furious Koalas wedding contest will make your day unforgettable for everyone:

It includes a live energizer and lecterns with push buttons. This way your guests will feel like the protagonists of a TV quiz show enjoying a unique experience. Do you want to offer something different and exclusive at your wedding? This service is for you:

  • Each of the questions launched by the presenter must be answered by the three teams that will compete against each other only after pressing the button on the lectern and after the presenter gives the floor to the team that has been faster in pressing it. The rest of the guests will respond at the same time on their mobile, so they will continue to compete to be among the first in the ranking! The game allows for bounces in case the team misses the answer.

servicios exclusivos para bodas; concursos y juegos para bodas; servicios de lujo para bodas

  • During the course of the contest, the evolution of the public ranking will be displayed on the screen and those who have the best score at the end of the game can be awarded prizes (at the personal choice of each couple).
  • The teams that are on the lecterns participating have three jokers and two of them are directly related to the participation of the rest of the guests. We have the ‘Audience Wildcard‘ that shows the most voted answers from the audience in percentage and the ‘The Guru’ wildcard, which will offer the team that uses it the possibility to ask directly to one of the guests. This guest will choose the answer he/she believes to be correct on behalf of the team that has designated him/her as ‘guru’.

The third wildcard is of the 50% type, so that they eliminate two of the four possible answers in multiple-choice questions.

Exclusive Furious Koalas Wedding Quiz Question Types

Guests may encounter several types of questions during the quiz:

-Hanged questions: after asking the question about the bride and groom an invisible word will appear on the screen with as many spaces as there are letters. As time passes, the system fills in the blanks. If a team asks for a turn, the system stops revealing letters. If the team fails, as time passes the system continues to give clues. The rest of the guests will complete the word from their cell phones.

-Answer one question from four options: It is a multiple choice question with four options (a,b,c,d).

  • Questions with multimedia: Both hangman and one-in-four questions can have images, videos or sound associated with them. It is recommended that as much as possible this be the case, so that questions are asked about a photo, video fragment, or fragment of music, song, voice-over, etc. (Our creative team will use the resources offered by the bride and groom to develop questions that create magical and fun moments in the game).

servicios exclusivos para bodas; concursos y juegos para bodas; servicios de lujo para bodas

Wedding contest wildcards

The teams have three jokers that are placed on the lecterns (they can be modified or customized):

– 50%: Two of the four answer options are automatically discarded.

– Guru: The team that uses this joker can give the floor to one of the guests, except for the bride and groom, to answer the question asked.

– The public joker: Displays the four answer options to the question asked by the presenter and the percentage of the public’s choice for each of them.

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During your wedding contest, the presenter will ask on different occasions to see the state of the public’s ranking, strengthening the involvement of the public with a healthy competitiveness, creating fun moments and an opportunity to learn curious and fun facts about the bride and groom and their immediate environment. All this will make this exclusive wedding quiz part of an unforgettable day for everyone.

The personalization of the questions is in the hands of each couple, if they wish the questions could involve the guests to get to know each other better. We usually recommend our bride and groom to tell us remarkable anecdotes about their closest guests in order to formulate questions about them and remember during the contest important moments in the life of our bride and groom camouflaged in ‘TV quiz show’ questions.

The decor, the buttons, the LED lights and our smoke machine will create an atmosphere worthy of the most impressive TV quiz shows. In addition, both the guests who are participating with their cell phones, the contestants who are on the lecterns and the presenter, will be able to see themselves on a big screen every time the cameras click on their images. Could anything else be missing? Yes, you!

Why book the exclusive Furious Koalas wedding contest?

In addition to making your guests have fun and get to know the bride and groom better, Furious Koalas’ exclusive wedding contest offers multiple advantages:

First, it’s a way to surprise your guests, ensuring they’ll engage with the wedding in a different and fun way they’ve never seen before and will never forget.

Secondly, the contest allows you to test how well the guests know the bride and groom, which is very fun and interesting for them and for the future married couple. It will also help the guests get to know the couple of the day better.

Finally, the Furious Koalas wedding contest service is exclusive and personalized for each couple. Our team meets with you to get to know you better through a questionnaire and an interview, with this information we draft a list of 30 questions that we will combine with images and audios about the bride and groom and their environment. The questions will always be answered with test type answers with four options (a,b,c,d) in which humor will prevail, there are also hangman type questions in which the guests must complete the missing word without making mistakes and in the shortest time possible to get more score.

Our team will be in charge of generating a personalized QR code for each guest that will be given to them individually, this will allow us to know who is answering each question and who is doing better. Our presenter will be in charge of making this day unique and unforgettable for all of you and you will not have to worry about anything.

servicios exclusivos para bodas; concursos y juegos para bodas; servicios de lujo para bodas; códigos QR personalizados

How much does the Furious Koalas wedding contest service cost?

The Furious Koalas wedding service can be hired from 7.500 euros.

Although it may seem a high price, it must be taken into account that this is an exclusive and unique service in the market, which offers an added value to the wedding and will allow the guests to have the time of their lives as they would never have imagined before at a wedding. Moreover, if the total cost of a wedding is taken into account, the outlay for the Furious Koalas wedding game show is a small part of the total budget.

The recreation of a TV game show is the best way to enjoy a unique and unforgettable lifetime experience on what will be one of the most important days of your life. The experiences carried out, in multiple formats and set-ups, have always been as different as they are memorable.

Undoubtedly an unbeatable way to create an impressive memory for your wedding day that neither you nor your guests will forget.

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